Yellow #1 | Bottle Of Rain (1997)

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Yellow #1 was Brian Paone’s first band, and is still active today. The music of Yellow #1 is intended to have the whimsical flavor of synth-pop and old-school hip-hop, with the lyrical integrity and vocal intensity of industrial and metal bands. Combining the two polar opposites into one sound, make for very debatably interesting songs Their debut album, "Bottle of Rain," was released in April, 1997.

Their live shows are full of samples and triggers, as well as the members of the band swapping around instruments on stage. During the "Bottle of Rain" era, the band played shows throughout MA, NH, & RI. The pinnacle of their success was when WAAF, a Boston radio station, played the single, "Broken Eyes," on rotation, and Yellow #1 was asked to open up for Godsmack in 1997.

In July, 1997, Brian was approached by another musician to form a more industrial-metal band. This new band would eventually turn into Drop Kick Jesus. Pulling double duty between the two bands for a year, Yellow #1 continued to play shows in 1998 to promote the album. Throughout the years, Brian never pulled the plug on Yellow #1. They recorded three more songs after "Bottle of Rain" was released; one in 1998, one in 2001, and another in 2003.

In 2014, Brian decided to breathe life back into the band and began work on the second album. Collaborating with hip-hop producer Darius Malloy from Lakeland, FL, the second album, "Thanks for the Nostalgia," was released in July, 2016. The new album  focused more on an old-school rap atmosphere, while staying true to the original flavor and vocal intensity of the first album.

Brian Paone - vocals, programming, drums, keyboards, guitars,                                samples

Additional musicians:
- Matthew Diglio - guitar: A Summer Dream
- Eric Park - harmonica, programming: Dirt Blue Star's Third                                Christmas
- Jenny Applebaum - guitar: As The Worm Turns

Additional vocals:
- Dave Ouellette: Clutter At The Table, Dirt Blue Star, Dirt Blue                                       Star's Third Christmas, As The Worm Turns
- Christine Kelley: Everything Matters, Who Do I Think I Am?,                                          Dirt Blue Star
- Dann Paciulan: The Bone Smuggler, Dirt Blue Star
- Barbara Sullivan: To Know Why, Dirt Blue Star's Third                                                         Christmas
- Lauren Sullivan: Dirt Blue Star
- Matt Diglio: Dirt Blue Star
- Mike Vicione: A Summer Dream
- Jenny Applebaum: As The Worm Turns

Produced by Brian Paone & Dan Tarlow
Recorded & mixed at Zigmo Studio in Marblehead, MA
Artwork by Sean Carmichael

Yellow #1 live band (1996 - 1998):
Brian Paone - vocals, keyboards, programming, drums, guitar
Dann Paciulan - drums, guitar, keyboards
Dave Ouellette - vocals, percussion
Christine Kelley - keyboards, programming
Jason Paul - keyboards, programming
Matthew Diglio - guitar
Mark Sieczkowski - drums
Marc Pugliese - guitar

Customer Reviews

This very inscrutable foursome has got a lock on making very emotional music. Sure, this leans towards pop, but not because it’s always whimsical. Yellow #1’s pop leanings spring from their nicely structured songs. While the whimsy shows through sometimes, but it’s their ability to convey the trial and tribulations of the real human experience (the minor insecurities and disappointments along with the small joys) that is their main strength... Brian Paone seems to be the prodigy here...
Snippets of techno, disco and rock styles slammed together like canned sardines with some kind of odd babbling by a slightly deranged sounding guy. Interesting stuff, especially for those of you with Attention Deficit Disorder...

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