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Interviewed by Michelle Dunton for the YouTube Channel "Writing Fun" about my novel "Yours Truly, 2095" and my writing career.

Interviewed by Steven Capps for his Slush Puppies podcast, where I talk about the 'Of Words' anthologies

My short story, "The Whaler's Dues," that appears in the anthology, "A Journey of Words," read as part of the "Story Time with Whimsy" Series:

My short story, "Outside of Heaven," that appears in the anthology, "A Matter of Words," read as part of the "Story Time with Whimsy" Series:

Radio interview discussing my novel, "Yours Truly, 2095," and its correlation specifically to Electric Light Orchestra's album, "Time":

Author Spotlight interview discussing "Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts." Click HERE to read the interview conducted by Holly Gaskin for her blog.

Author, musician, police officer. Brian Paone wears many hats.

Radio interview discussing the writing process of my time travel novel, "Yours Truly, 2095":

Transpose Radio Interview:

Radio review of the Retribution 2013 Tour:

Transpose Videos:

Retribution Movie

Miss You More Than Anything

The Humpty Dance

America, Fuck Yeah!

Pills & Places

My Mt. Fuji climb

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