Yellow #1 | Thanks For The Nostalgia (2016)

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Yellow #1 was Brian Paone’s first band, and is still active today. The music of Yellow #1 is intended to have the whimsical flavor of synth-pop and old-school hip-hop, with the lyrical integrity and vocal intensity of industrial and metal bands. Combining the two polar opposites into one sound, make for very debatably interesting songs Their debut album, "Bottle of Rain," was released in April, 1997.

Their live shows are full of samples and triggers, as well as the members of the band swapping around instruments on stage. During the "Bottle of Rain" era, the band played shows throughout MA, NH, & RI. The pinnacle of their success was when WAAF, a Boston radio station, played the single, "Broken Eyes," on rotation, and Yellow #1 was asked to open up for Godsmack in 1997.

In July, 1997, Brian was approached by another musician to form a more industrial-metal band. This new band would eventually turn into Drop Kick Jesus. Pulling double duty between the two bands for a year, Yellow #1 continued to play shows in 1998 to promote the album. Throughout the years, Brian never pulled the plug on Yellow #1. They recorded three more songs after "Bottle of Rain" was released; one in 1998, one in 2001, and another in 2003.

In 2014, Brian decided to breathe life back into the band and began work on the second album. Collaborating with hip-hop producer Darius Malloy from Lakeland, FL, the second album, "Thanks for the Nostalgia," was released in July, 2016. The new album  focused more on an old-school rap atmosphere, while staying true to the original flavor and vocal intensity of the first album.

Brian Paone - vocals, programming, samples

Additional musicians:
- Darius Malloy - programming: Envelope Calculations /                                                     Malfunctions, A Drawbridge Martyr, Blinds,                                         Kenritsudaigaku, Vacant Skies,                                                                   Autosuggestion
- Matthew Diglio - acoustic guitar: What Was Mine

Additional vocals:
RedStryke: A Drawbridge Martyr

Produced by Brian Paone, Richard Lawton, & Darius Malloy
Recorded & mixed at Lawton Studios in Jacksonville, NC and
                                             ILL2DEF Studios in Lakeland, FL
Artwork by Brian Paone

An intriguing tour for music lovers who appreciate eclectic music. Thanks For The Nostalgia relies on a mix of hip 80’s rap style lyrics, electronic industrial / synth pop sound effects to make its own aesthetic. A mesmerizing rhythmical beat on Nothing More Than Right Now has a spiritual serenity to it, whileDance Hall Loser had me feeling like I was lost in a haunted Latin disco. A trippy ride of beats, tempos, effects and lyrics shows diversity but manages to keep it all together. Most certainly worth the listen.
— author, Sharon Uni Brown
Pretty amazing! Very hypnotic ... dark. Hope people get to hear this album ... this is your Sgt. Pepper album...
— photographer, Raymond Dollard
Goosebumps, chills. Amazing. New favorite workday album.
— ex-Yellow #1 member, Christine Kelley

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