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Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts

 Editor:  Dan Ezra Golden  Copyeditor:  Denise Barker  Artwork:  Jeff Cavanaugh

Editor: Dan Ezra Golden
Copyeditor: Denise Barker
Artwork: Jeff Cavanaugh

Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts (paperback) + CD of David's posthumous album "How Humans (Rx)"
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In Brian Paone's first novel, he chronicles the trials and tribulations of befriending a modern-day rock star. As a die-hard fan of the rock band God Lives Underwater, Brian wins the trust of lead singer David Reilly. This honor comes with its own set of extreme personal highs and devastating shared lows.

During their tumultuous friendship, David fights an extreme battle with drug abuse and depression. Pile on top of all this the throes of a cutthroat music industry and the realization of one’s own mortality.

Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts is a novel that convinces the heart of every reader that perhaps dreams are never really finished. Instead, they are passed on from one friend to the next.

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