Vertical Smile | Rot In Hell (1995)

Vertical Smile was my very first band ever and was started in September,  1994 in Saugus, MA. We were a four-piece thrash metal band and I was the drummer. We recorded the only two songs we wrote in the singer's garage on my 4-track in January, 1995. Steve, the guitarist, wrote the song, "Taste Of Reality," and I wrote the song, "Calm," I guess it's the very first song I ever wrote musically. We were asked to open an animal rights festival in Swampacott, MA in May, 1995. This would not only be my very first time on stage performing, but it would also be the only show Vertical Smile ever played. We played our entire catalog - the only two songs we had. A few weeks after the show, Marc, the bassist, quit. Steve, the guitarist, got a full scholarship to Berkeley College of Music. I realized that sitting behind a drum set was not where I felt my true passion lay. I quit the band and started Yellow #1. From what I hear, Mike, the singer, tried to replace the three of us and continue as Vertical Smile, but was never able to write another song, nor play another show, under the Vertical Smile moniker. By the end of 1995, Vertical Smile was gone, and all that was left of its memory were these two songs, and one single show.

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1. Taste Of Reality
2. Calm

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