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New short story - Summer 2017
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New short story - Summer 2017

"Anesthetize (or A Dream Played in Reverse on Piano Keys)": A dramatic ghost story adaptation of Porcupine Tree’s concept album, “Fear of a Blank Planet,” for the short story anthology, “A Haunting of Words.”

Sep 22

5th novel - Fall 2017

A comedic-military novel about the eight months my wife was deployed to Djibouti, Africa, in 2010 and left me home alone with two toddlers, and the learning curve and craziness that ensued during those months. Every night I would send her an email reviewing that day's shenanigans. The composition of the book will be centered around these emails.

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New short story in "A Journey of Words" compilation

I will be featured in a short story compilation titled, "A Journey of Words," that will include stories from authors from all over the world. My short story, "The Whaler's Dues," will be exclusive to this collection. Release date of the collection is Fall, 2016.

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