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Falklands research is bringing me to London...

I always hear about author researching their next novel by using Google Earth or Instagram. I understand that method if you can't leave your current surroundings, due to money or geographical logistics. However, I am writing a historical fiction novel about the soldier's return to England from the Falklands conflict. The main character, suffering from "hero's remorse," will find himself spiraling into emotional and psychological changes.

My wife, Stephanie, surprised me with a booked trip to London so I can do on-location research and interviews for the book. To authenticate the research, Stephanie thought I should reach out to some Falkland War veterans and see if they'd meet with so I can interview them to help build my main character's legitimacy. I was skeptical. I didn't know how many veterans of this war would want to meet with little ol' American author like me. But they have ... !

The amount of response and willingness to meet with me for a pint at a pub so I can pick their brains about what it was like for them is amazing. Nothing like on-location research and interviewing the actual people who were part of the event that your book is about. Even people who have been portrayed in Hollywood-made films about the war have agreed to meet with me.

I am so incredibly humbled ...

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