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"Moonlight City Drive 2" has been submitted to my editor

I started writing the sequel to my 2017 supernatural crime-noir novel, Moonlight City Drive, back in July. I had never expected the book to become a trilogy, so when I wrote the first part, I wasn’t worried about finding loopholes or ways to extend all these characters’ storylines. That proved to be the hardest part of writing a sequel to a novel that I had no intention of ever writing further.

But, here we are, middle of December, and the second draft of Moonlight City Drive Part 2 (subtitled Electric Boogaloo) has been sent to my editor for a first-half release schedule in 2019. However, this time I was smarter. I went into writing the sequel knowing this was now going to be a trilogy (with Part 3 slated for 2021), so I could purposefully leave larger breadcrumbs, and I didn’t feel so guilty about leaving bigger plot holes wide open. I was able to set the characters into specific places, like playing chess, so their movements and behaviors can be continued (and finalized) in Part 3. That was also slightly difficult for me: to leave characters slightly unresolved, knowing their story will be wrapped up in another book. I have never had to write/think like that before with any of my novels.

So now, I’m just sitting back at the pool with an umbrella-adorned cocktail, waiting for my editor to return the novel so I can work on the third and final draft.

Moonlight City Drive Part 2 - First Draft Finished

When I finished writing my most recent novel, Moonlight City Drive, back in fall 2017, I did not have any visions for a sequel or had any desire to continue the story line of these characters. But after talking with multiple people who had read the book, the consensus seemed to be that there was certainly a desire from the readers to know “well, what happened next??”

I knew in my heart of hearts that I didn’t have a true series of books in me within this story arc, but I also didn’t want to just have a single sequel. So, the decision was made earlier this year to make Moonlight City Drive a trilogy.

I began writing Part 2 in July of this year, and last week I finished the first draft. It comes in at just over 80k words (this is 3k words longer than Part 1). But the first draft is always filled with scenes that need to be cut or expanded upon, so the word count doesn’t really became closer to the final product until the second draft is completed.

I started the second draft yesterday, and my editor has penciled me in to have that draft to her in December. That’s where the 3rd and final draft will take shape. So, we are right on schedule of releasing this book in 2019, with Part 3 coming in 2021 (all books having 2 years in-between them.)

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