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"Welcome to Parkview" one step closer to being re-released

I received "Welcome to Parkview" in the mail yesterday from copy editor, Katrina KinCannon Wood. I hired her to do the first proofread of all three of my books, after my editor and I stamp them as finished.

She mailed the book back to me with some great changes and suggestions on how to make small things (like how teenage girls would actually talk during some of the dialogue) better and sound more realistic. I have tried, with both of my fictional novels, to take a subject that is completely unreal, and make my characters behave in a way that is believable. With Parkview, the characters are dealing with the town itself, and all the oddities the town produces for its citizens to overcome.

Katrina helped smooth some rough edges and choppy dialogue, and the book is worlds better than it was when it was first released in 2010. I wasn't too sure if I was going to give Parkview a revision and second edition release, but, boy am I glad I did! It gave me the opportunity to fix all the small things that I wasn't happy with the first time it was released. This novel is just so much better than its original first edition printing.

I am really excited to have it re-released later this year. The front cover artwork has even been improved by my graphic designer, Sean Carmichael, and I had a photo shoot with photographer, Cameron Kline, to add an author photo on the back cover. AND, the audiobook is going to be recorded later this year as well for mass distribution on all audiobook sites (audible, iTunes etc.)

Lots of good things coming for "Welcome to Parkview" in the next few weeks!! 

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