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How the discotheque helped me find that missing music needle in my rock-fiction haystack

There's a chapter in Welcome to Parkview that was originally conceived in 1993 during the first draft of the novel. It was technically my very very first true rock-fiction piece as an author because, while Welcome to Parkview as a whole was *inspired* by Billy Joel's "Piano Man" but was not a direct adaptation of the song, this particular chapter (titled "Tiger") was, indeed, an actual adaptation of a song. The only problem was, when I was writing it in 1993, I only had a vague memory of the song from my childhood. I had no idea who the band was or what the song was titled. I just remembered the *story line* of the song. And I remembered listening to it A LOT on 8-Track when I was a wee boy. So here I was, in 1993 and putting the first skeletal outline of Welcome to Parkview together, and that song jumped into my creative brain, and I wrote that whole chapter only from the memories of a song that I thought was gone forever in the annals of my long-lost childhood music collection (Every attempt at describing the song to people in an attempt to locate it again just returned looks of confusion and the shaking of heads.) I had come to grips with the fact that I may die and still never track down what the heck that song was that had been so integral in shaping the trigger incident of the book that took me 19 years to write. It would just have to be one of those things—always having something in the peripheral of your memory but knowing you’d never be able to see it clearly in front of you … ever; kind of like when there’s a word on the tip of your tongue and you need everyone to be quiet so you can have a chance to recall that word. That has been me for the past 25 years with this four-minute song. Only it has been more important than just “trying to remember a word”; it has literally been the song that truly was my first rock-fiction adaptation. “Piano Man” was the first inspiration; this song literally sent everything into motion in my novel … and it had been eluding me for more than half my life. Until today. Last week, 27 years after starting Welcome to Parkview, I randomly bought and listened to an album called Arrival by a band named ABBA. When track 9 started (completely unaware of the emotional roller coaster I would go on within the next few nanoseconds), I almost leapt out of my chair, threw my headphones across the room, and wanted to dance and yell and clap and call every single person who I had bothered over the last almost 3 decades about the song that had been so important to being a rock-fiction author. The song “Tiger” by ABBA hit the first verse, and I almost crumpled to my office floor, thanking the gods of coincidence and patience for making me buy this album (albeit 27 years too late lol) today. The name of the chapter in Welcome to Parkview, is actually TITLED “Tiger”!!! I always thought I just came up with the name, but obviously, the song had been closer to the top of my subconscious than I ever thought when I wrote that chapter in 1993. Singing along to the track just now, I could see so clearly within the lyrics of the song all the throes of that chapter and how the town explodes from those actions described in the song. I loved my ABBA 8-track cassettes when I was a kid, but if, back in 93 when I was frantically trying to figure out what song was like continuous knocking in my brain to write it into my then WIP, you told me it was an ABBA song I was thinking of, I would’ve told you to go play in traffic (there’s no way that someone who was taking their writing career as seriously as I was back in the 1991-1993 time frame would have let a band like ABBA mold and shape my HORROR novel, of all genres!). But, there you have it. Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” may have been my first inspiration into trying to turn the ideas of a song or album into a piece of fiction, but I’m flabbergasted right now that it was ABBA who I used to translate liter lyrics to the page. My mind as an author, as a husband, as a father, as a HUMAN BEING is absolutely blown right now. I’m also beside myself that I actually found this song after so many decades of it always being “the one that got away” after a completely random Amazon digital album purchase this morning, only because I really wanted to own the album that had the song “Dancing Queen” on it, and for no other reason than that. And there it was. The song “Tiger,” just sitting there, waiting to be played, waiting to be heard, waiting to put the first exclamation mark at the end of the first sentence of my rock-fiction career 27 years ago. After all these years, I haven’t stopped facepalming that it’s ABBA! And that I somehow turned that song into such a violent chapter that catapults the plot line of an equally violent and macabre novel. Who said disco wasn’t evil?

Moonlight City Drive Part 2 - First Draft Finished

When I finished writing my most recent novel, Moonlight City Drive, back in fall 2017, I did not have any visions for a sequel or had any desire to continue the story line of these characters. But after talking with multiple people who had read the book, the consensus seemed to be that there was certainly a desire from the readers to know “well, what happened next??”

I knew in my heart of hearts that I didn’t have a true series of books in me within this story arc, but I also didn’t want to just have a single sequel. So, the decision was made earlier this year to make Moonlight City Drive a trilogy.

I began writing Part 2 in July of this year, and last week I finished the first draft. It comes in at just over 80k words (this is 3k words longer than Part 1). But the first draft is always filled with scenes that need to be cut or expanded upon, so the word count doesn’t really became closer to the final product until the second draft is completed.

I started the second draft yesterday, and my editor has penciled me in to have that draft to her in December. That’s where the 3rd and final draft will take shape. So, we are right on schedule of releasing this book in 2019, with Part 3 coming in 2021 (all books having 2 years in-between them.)

11 Years Today as a Published Author ... And the Wild Ride to Get Here

My career as a novelist would never have happened, or at least to the success that I have had, if one of my best friends hadn’t died in 2005. My friend David, the lead singer of the industrial-rock band God Lives Underwater—who enjoyed some commercial success in the 90s—had been struggling with drug addiction, depression, and the throes of the music business since I met him in 1995. We became fast friends, and I was one of the few people who stuck with him through all his highs and lows.

When he passed away in 2005, I didn’t know where the put my grief. I just couldn’t find a healthy outlet for how I was feeling about losing him. It was suggested to me to write a memoir about our friendship, but in novel format so it would read more like a story than a journal. My wife was the biggest advocate of me using my grief to write my first novel and recall all the good and bad times that come with being close to someone who struggles with addiction and someone who was on major tours, on MTV, and all over the radio. He was a multi-dimensional person, and our friendship was trying and rewarding all at the same time.

Since 1988, I had only written short stories, novelettes, and novellas. I had never attempted a piece of work beyond 30k words long. So, I started writing what would eventually become my first novel, Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts, in January 2006, and it was published in October 2007—on the second anniversary of his death.

And here we are. Eleven years to the day of that first novel being released into the world. What a wild ride it's been. I am a few months from my 5th novel's release, Moonlight City Drive Part 2, and my 5th published short story will be released in the next few months. It's only been over the last three years that I have been dubbed a rock-fiction author (adapting albums or songs into novels or short stories) but my entire eleven-year career has been steeped in music, which is my true love in the world. Between Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts delving into the touring life of bands and the tribulations that world can trap the musicians in and my second novel, Welcome to Parkview, stemming from the idea behind Billy Joel's song, "Piano Man," writing about music has been a part of who I am as an author since Day One.

Over these eleven years, I have met a lot of my heroes and idols in the music world because of my writing, and I have created friendships among band members that I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever make. After I finished Welcome to Parkview in 2010 (which I started in 1991), I honestly thought I only had those two novels in me ... and I was done with writing. Then in 2012, I had a flash of inspiration to try to novelize Electric Light Orchestra's album, Time. The process was so enjoyable and liberating for me as a music fanatic that when Yours Truly, 2095 was released in 2015, I knew I had found my niche in writing, and I knew I didn't want to stop. Since then I have had four short stories published, all adapted from bands' albums or songs (Moby, Jethro Tull, Porcupine Tree, and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers respectively) and my most recent novel, Moonlight City Drive, is another rock-fiction adaptation; this time of Dog Fashion Disco's album, Adultery.

I started writing my first novel on a desktop computer next to my CD collection in my bedroom in an apartment that I shared with two other roommates, to now having my own writing office in my house that I share with my wife and four children. The list of bands and albums I have stored in the back of brain to adapt into rock fiction (either novels or short stories) is so extensive, I will probably die before I reach the bottom of that list. The immediate future of my rock-fiction career includes Pink Floyd, Digital Underground, TheThe, EMF, Thursday, and Jane Jensen.

It's been an amazing eleven years. Here's to continue the inertia of heading upward to the next eleven years...

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