Lots of exciting stuff....

We hired a director to make a trailer for all three of my books. The trailer for "Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts" is done. It is amazing! It will go live soon.

The audiobook for "Welcome To Parkview" is currently in a studio in Tampa, FL right now being recorded.

My brand new book, "Yours Truly, 2095" was sent to a structual editor this of 3 formatsweek. That basically means that we are entering the final stages of the new book. Yes, the new book is still right on schedule of having a 2014 release date.

It feels like all 3 of my books have taken on a life of their own over the last month, between eBooks, paperback formatting, audiobook recording, and trailers being produced. All 3 books are going to come out in a "perfect storm" of 3 formats: eBook, paperback, audiobook.

...stay tuned. The pieces are really fitting together nicely now!

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