New Transpose demos?

It’s been 7 years since my band Transpose’s last album, Retribution, was released and 5 years since our last show. After that album came out, we toured on it for 3 years (throughout 2011, 2012, and 2013), and when the 2013 tour ended in Jacksonville, FL, the band went on an unofficial hiatus.

We have contacted each other over the 5 years with messages like, “It’s time to get the band back together!” (even though, if you ask us, we have never really broken up) and “I’ve been thinking of what the next album should sound like” etc. Our guitarist even went as far as to get on a plane and fly from Massachusetts to spend a weekend jamming with my bass player in Iowa last year, just to get the juices flowing. From my understanding, nothing substantial came from that long-weekend writing session.

But, my bassist, Tim, has sent me the first recorded snippets of songs that have been written and worked out for what might very well turn into the 3rd Transpose album. I listened to the musical vignettes on my phone, and if the music continues in this direction, I foresee that the 7+ year wait for a new album is going to be worth it.

Now … to just all get on the same stage again and play some shows!!

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