"Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts" eBook proof approved!

Today I approved the eBook for the second edition release of my first book, "Dreams Are Unfinshed Thoughts." I had to download the eBook onto my Kindle, iPad, and computer (which mirrored the Nook, Sony Reader, and all other eBook devices) to make sure there were no formatting problems, rogue paragraphs, weird fonts and  other such gremlins.

I'm happy to say that it all looks fantastic (100x more fantastic than when the book originally was released in 2007.) Because there are no problems with the formatting, and I am able to approve the book, it looks like I am still right on schedule to have the eBook go "live" on all digital readers by the middle of next week. (Technically the release date is Sept. 15 but it may be one or two days after that - give or take.)

This means that next I can focus purely on getting the paperback version released on its current release schedule of Oct. 1

Stay tuned... More solid release dates for all the different formats (eBook, paperback, audiobook) of my 3 novels will be announced at much faster pace.

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