"Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts" & "Welcome To Parkview" news

My first book, "Dreams Are unfinished Thoughts" (2007) and my second book, "Welcome To Parkview (2010) are both being re-released this year as second edition printings.

"Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts" is currently at my printer/distributor company, Ingram, and I'm just waiting for the proof copy of the book to arrive in the mail so I can approve the layout and make sure there are no mistakes with the printing of the paperback. If there are none, then I give them the green light and the book will be on the production line, right on schedule for a mid-September release.

"Welcome To Parkview" was just handed over to an outside proofreader for one final read-through to catch any typos or mistakes that everyone else down the line may have missed. From there, it will be sent to Ingram, for printing/distribution. If it stays on its projected schedule, the re-release of "Welcome To Parkview" will be mid-October.

Stay tuned.

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