Halfway through writing "Moonlight City Drive Part 2"

I don't want to inundate everyone with numerous updates about my next book, so I thought I'd wait until I reached the halfway mark before I made an official announcement.

When I wrote Moonlight City Drive, I had no plans whatsoever for there to ever be a sequel. I have never written a sequel to any of my novels yet, and to be honest, I always thought of myself as a one-and-done author. Until, that is, a few months after Moonlight City Drive had been published, and the enormous amounts of emails and messages I received from readers who wanted to know what happened to these characters after the final chapter had ended. So, I did something I had never done before: serious contemplated turning Moonlight City Drive into a proper trilogy. So, On July 12, I started my first sequel to any of my novels.

Part 2 starts just six hours after the ending of Part 1, dragging all the characters you love (or hate) from the first book right into the action of Part 2, along with introducing new and unsavory characters into the mix. I wanted a seamless transition into the sequel--not one of those "15 Years Later …" beginnings, where all the characters and locations feel disjointed and it feels forced and contrived. I have reached the halfway mark of writing the first draft (just crossed the 40k word mark), and I plan on writing three to four drafts of the two sequels, just as Part 1 had. I am hoping to have Part 2's final draft submitted to my editor in November, where then I will begin immediately on the first draft of Part 3.

The release timeline will follow a strict two-year schedule: Part 2 in 2019, Part 3 in 2021.

And yes, this will only be a trilogy. I have zero interest in making Moonlight City Drive into a series that extends past three books.



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