Author interview: Jacklynn Desmond and her A Journey of Words story

Today author Jacklynn Desmond takes over my page with a discussion about her short story, "Six Miles to Suring," appearing in the anthology A Journey of Words (which also includes my brand new short story, "The Whaler's Dues"):

Jacklynn Desmond - "Six Miles to Suring"
Synopsis: A young woman fleeing an abusive relationship with her baby runs into some supernatural troubles.
What inspired you to write this story? A sudden, paranoia inducing episode of Deja vu while driving home from my parent's cabin "Up North". For about thirty seconds I was absolutely convinced I was going in circles. 'What if?' took over from there.
How long have you been writing.
Forth grade. Mrs. Law's class. I got bored.
What genre do you write in? 
I have no idea. All over the board, really. I seem to like dead people.
What else are you writing at the moment? 
I'm working on the next "of Words" submission, an erotica piece for an anthology, a sequel to my novella "Sixteen" and have some back burner projects. Because ADD is real.
How can people discover more of your work?

Pre-order A Journey of Words here:


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