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This month brought the completion and release of the 7th album of my musical career. Yellow #1 released our second album this week (our first since "Bottle of Rain" in 1997) called "Thanks for the Nostlagia." It has been 5 years since I have been in a recording studio and released an album, the last being Transpose's second album, "Retribution." Five years is the longest I have ever gone in my career between releasing albums, and being in a studio and recording / mixing / mastering is like riding a bike.

Recording the vocals, picking vocal effects, doing overdubs and layering, and then mixing was like second nature again. What I DID find that was a new experience, was the style of my vocals singing on Yellow #1 songs. Its been 19 years since the last album ... since then I have been the singer of Drop Kick Jesus, The Grave Machine, and Transpose -- who are all very "metal". My vocals in those bands found me growling, screaming, yelling etc more than I ever did in Yellow #1 20 years ago. But since those bands, and that vocal style, has been what I have known for so many years, it was interesting to see some "Transpose"-style vocals find their way into Yellow #1 sounding songs. It just makes the whole album sound more aggressive, something I don't think I could have pulled off if I had never recorded with those other 3 metal bands. Maybe Yellow #1 needed the 17 year break, so I could cut my teeth on different genres of vocals, so I could come back and make this album. Maybe Yellow #1 would have stuck, vocally at least, never growing from the style of the first album, if this lengthy break hadn't been taken so I could learn how to use my voice in different styles.

Everything was so much different in 1997 when the first album was released, and yet here I am, excited about a new album, but in a much different way. I'm more proud of the piece of music that we have written, and less focusing on "being the world's biggest rock star" like I was when the first album came out 2 decades ago. This time I can just sit back and enjoy the ride, instead of losing sleep over how to get the band to the top of the charts. This time around, I'm just happy if people listen to it. I don't need hoards of screaming fans lined up outside Wembley Stadium.

I'll end with this: of the 7 albums that now make up my musical career, this one has been the most relaxed, less stressful, and easy-going of all of them. And I think it shows on the album. I'm not trying to prove myself to anyone anymore ... I just wanted to write and release a cool sounding album that I think people might dig. This was the first album released with a refreshing deep exhale, instead of holding my breath waiting to see how far it'll take me into gaining fans.

I learned a lot with this new album, and I hope this can continue on with any and all future albums that may still be in my future.

Hope you check out the album and enjoy it as much as I did writing and recording it....

click here to check out the album

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