YELLOW #1 update: all tracking finished on new album!

Well, all the tracking (recording) has been completed for the new Yellow #1 album, "Thanks for the Nostalgia." I wrapped up the vocals on the final song last week. Its weird to be able to hear all 12 songs on a CD, with every part included now, after we started writing this album back in 2014.

I have spent the last few days, listening to multiple versions of the song orders, and I have finally committed to the order of the tracks for the album.

So what's next, you ask? When will the world be able to hear the first new album from you guys in 19 years??!! Well, next is the final mixing, and then mastering. All 12 songs are in a "rough mix" stage, and its my job to listen to every one 100 times, making notes on stuff like, "this needs to be louder here," or "this vocal needs to be quieter here," or "fire the singer and re-do the whole album!" After all those notes are made, and implemented into the songs, then the album will be mastered.

The mastering program that will be used allows a band to import any album that they want their album to have the same EQ as. I have decided to master the new Yellow #1 album to the same exact specs as Nine Inch Nails' "Pretty Hate Machine" album. That will be the final step.

Then the front cover artwork will be completed, and this website will have a new page dedicated to the new album. So, we are hoping to have the album available to the public (through here, iTunes, Bandcamp, and Amazon as both physical CD and digital formats) somewhere around August/Sept., but we'll know better once we get into the meat of the final mixes.

But the longest, hardest, and most time consuming step has been completed: the album is all recorded!

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