To celebrate a birthday, someone will get a free audiobook!

Today would have been David Reilly's 44th birthday. David was the subject of my first novel, "Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts," which came out in 2007. We became friends in 1995 and he passed away in 2005. We were friends for 10 years, and he has been gone 10 years. It still doesn't feel like he has been out of my life the same exact amount of time he was IN my life. It still feels like a few weeks ago that he passed.

The book took me 20 months to write and I still feel that if I hadn't written that book, I might STILL be trying to find a healthy place to put my grief. I am so thankful to all the people around the world who has help kept David's memory alive by buying and reading the book.

To celebrate his life (instead of focusing on his death) I will be giving away 1 free copy of the audiobook to the first person who contacts me for it.

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