Photoshoot for upcoming 2018 dependent-military novel

I guess you could say I am working on 2 novels right now concurrently... even though I won't start the physical writing of the second one until the one I'm writing now (the supernatural, crime-noir, pulp-thriller detective novel) is finished and edited. The detective novel (an adaptation of Dog Fashion Disco's concept album "Adultery") is my 2017 release. But my 2018 release...

... is a comedic-military novel about the eight months my wife was deployed to Djibouti, Africa, in 2010 and left me home alone with two toddlers, and the learning curve and craziness that ensued during those months. Every night I would send her an email reviewing that day's shenanigans(subject line always "The Nightly News"). The main composition of the book will be centered around the content of those emails, using the first-hand account of what I went through while she was gone. (Think Mr. Mom). Basically I got to the point where my motto was: "If both kids are still alive and the house didn't burn down, it was a good day."

I'll go more into the details of the book as I get closer to the actual writing, but so far I have printed out all 750 pages of emails and gone through each one again, highlighted the moments that I want to be in the book. And the photoshoot has happened.

We shot the front cover of the novel (which is basically a destruction shot of my living room, recreating an exaggerated abandoned breakfast) and the author photo for the back cover. Why did we already shoot the front cover and my author photo of this book isn't being released until sometimes in 2018? Because I was dead-set on having photographer Paul Nimmo handle all the photography for this novel. Paul lives in the same county as me and is moving out of state in July. I knew he was the only one that I wanted to helm the direction of the novel's cover so I needed to snag him before July.

He spent 3 hours getting the perfect shot of a destroyed dining room table, and I think his talent is really going to help elevate the book's overall quality when its published next year.

...more on this upcoming novel later, but first.... back to helping a detective chase a killer through the desert...

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