Work has officially begun on the next novel.

My most recent novel, "Yours Truly, 2095", was released in 2015. Since then, I have only written and published 3 short stories. I have not even thought about the next novel. Until now...

At the beginning of the month I finished my outline for what will be my 4th novel, hopefully released later this year. It's a sinister crime-noir thriller that follows a down-on-his-life detective who is hired to tail a man that may or may not be committing adultery. Turns out, the man is a modern day Jack the Ripper, and the detective's feelings and moral standings about the killer's activities become less and less steadfast as he is thrown into the killer's world. Oh, and there may be a few "things that go bump in the night" helping our killer on his mission, all thrown in for good measure of course. I'm going for a Dick Tracy meets Jacob's Ladder meets American Psycho vibe.

Once again, this is a novelization of a concept album: Dog Fashion Disco's "Adultery" album. But, the beauty of rock fiction (for everyone who has read any of my novels or short stories and had no idea they were adaptations of albums or songs) is they are also stand-alone books. Just like you don’t have to have read a book to enjoy or understand the movie adaptation, you don’t need to have heard the album (or even need to have ever heard OF the band before) to understand or love a rock fiction novel. Rock fiction novels are unique in the sense that they already have 2 built-in audiences right out of the gate: the fan base of whatever band’s album is being adapted, and the fan base of the genre the book is written in. It’s not a prerequisite to know the album to read a rock fiction novel. In fact, I bet most people read a rock fiction novel purely based on its blurb and have no idea it is an album adaptation.

Now that a new novel is being constructed... there will be a lot more updates.

...more (very) soon...



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