New novel: "Yours Truly, 2095" due out Fall, 2014

Brian Paone's third novel, Yours Truly, 2095, is scheduled for release later this year. The story is a book adaptation of Electric Light Orchestra's Time album. The novel will be released in paperback and eBook formats. 

J0 has a secret. Her husband is unaware that she’s a robot. A flawless copy of a human in every way. It’s only one of the many lies that she was programmed to keep from him. She’s the only one who knows that he’s been a victim of an unthinkable time travel conspiracy.

When he stumbles upon the truth, it causes J0 to change and revolt against her programming. The one person whom she was required to keep from the truth also holds the power to complete her spiritual awakening – to bring her one step closer to becoming human. However, J0’s husband has disappeared.

Also, J0 may be his only chance to return to his time. A time without hover cars, trips to the moon, or advanced robots. J0 may be the only key to unlock his journey home – over 100 years ago.

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