Getting back to editing my new book, easier than I thought...

Here is the news:

I have taken the longest break with working on my new book than I ever have since I started writing it back in 2012. I haven't looked at it once since the end of September. This was not due to lack of interest or laziness - quite the opposite actually.

I have spent every free moment since September getting my first two books ("Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts" & "Welcome To Parkview") second editions in eBook, paperback, and audiobook finalized so they could be released in December. I also had to be a consultant on the trailer for "Welcome To Parkview" as well. (Which, if you haven't seen yet, go to YouTube and type in "Welcome To Parkview book trailer.")

Now that there is literally nothing more for me to do with the second edition re-releases of the first two books (it's just a waiting game now for them to ship from Ingram), yesterday I decided to go back to editing my new book, "Yours Truly, 2095." I was afraid that taking 3 months off from the book would set me back and I would be out of sync with the characters or the storyline. I couldn't believe how effortlessly I slipped right back into the book and picked up right where I left off in September.

Of course, this far out, I can only advertise soft release dates for the new book, but we are shooting for spring / early-summer release schedule for all 3 fotmats: eBook, paperback, and audiobook (and yes, another trailer will be made by the same director that made trailers for my first 2 books.)

The gears are grinding again with "Yours Truly, 2095." Stay tuned...

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