Since no one seems to be excited about Star Wars...

I can't believe no one seems to care about Episode 7! I mean, I was old enough to see Return of the Jedi in the theatre as a kid (I was born the year before A New Hope came out) and then the oversaturation of The Phantom Menace. I went to all 3 Midnight Madness at Toys R Us for Ep1-Ep3. I waited in line for 22 HOURS to get tickets for Episode 1, and then saw it 4 times opening weekend - 12 times total (I even made the front page of the local newspaper because of my stamina standing in line for 22 hours. I even made a documentary on the 22 hours of waiting in line). But it just seems that no one is talking about this movie. There are almost ZERO new toys and apparel for it. You would think that even the big box stores like Target, and Wal Mart would have SOME merchandise for the new movie. We are a little more than 48 hours from its release (if you are someone like me who is seeing it the day BEFORE it actually comes out) and I can't believe that no one is posting about it online. I haven't seen one new tee shirt on ANYONE. I can't even find links to the trailers online. Its like no one cares about the greatest saga of all time (next to the Sharknado series.) Is John Williams even releasing the score on CD??? Zero info on that. What a dud and disappointment from society. Looks like this movie won't even make back what it cost to make, so thank you everyone, for destroying ANY chance for an Episode 8 or Episode 9.

I hate you all.

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