It's the most...audiobook time of the year...

It seems that when it rains, it pours. This week alone, saw the finalized versions of the audiobooks for "Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts" (narrated by me) and "Welcome To Parkview" (narrated by Rob Shamblin).

I received the final draft of "Welcome To Parkview" from Bay Drive Studios over the weekend. All I have to do is review a few of the chapters, and then it will be available through Audible, iTunes, and this website as an MP3.

Today I finished the editing and mastering of "Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts." It has been sent off to Audible and iTunes for approval. They have very strict guidelines of what they will allow to be sold, so the audiobook has to go through a rigorous approval process. If my recording of the book meets all of their standards, then it will be available through those channels. Regardless if Audible and iTunes approves the audio, it will be for sale here through this site as an MP3.

I am releasing all 3 of my books in 3 different formats (paperback /eBook / audiobook) and each format takes an incredible amount of time and energy for everyone who is involved. Slowly, though, we are chipping away and getting each book out to the public in the 3 formats. 

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