Older albums by bands I already know I love....

I've finally hit that age when I really only care about buying or listening to old music from bands I already know, than spending all my energy searching out new bands. For about two decades, I was constantly and actively looking for underground bands, new genre movements; I would always get to every concert early so I could check out the opening bands that I've never heard of; I would read Amazon reviews of bands I already loved looking for any mention or comparison so other bans I've never heard of etc etc etc.

But what has started to happen over the last few years, is I have come completely and utterly out of touch with any new band or artist, any new musical movement, or any new bands in genres I already love. Industrial and Prog are my top 2 favorite musical genres, and for about 20 years, if any new band was described as "industrial" or "progressive," I would usually buy their album blindly, without even hearing on note of music. But seriously, I just don't care anymore.

I have found way more enjoyment over the last 3 years or so going back and filling in the gaps of band's discographies that I already know and love. For instance, I always knew I liked Megadeth and Slayer. This year I went and bought all the albums I never had. Albums from the 80s. I am getting way more enjoyment listening to missing music from bands that I already love, than trying to discover a new band on their first album.

Since 2011, I post the "Album of the Day" on Facebook. This is an album that I have never heard before and I usually put it on in rotation for the whole day. Looking back through that photo album on Facebook, it seems that around the end of 2012, all the "Albums of the Day" started to become older albums by bands that I already knew I loved. Disappearing were any brand new bands. And then they totally faded away altogether.

So I think I've hit that stage in growing up. I'd much rather listen to an album by Public Enemy that came out 15 years ago that I had never bought yet, than put energy into searching out some brand new band who just released their debut album last month.

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