What's in store for 2016 - new novel & album descriptions

This is more of a news update and less of a "blog," but I wanted my first posting of the new year to be more aligned with what I'll be releasing into the world in 2016.

New book - I have started the preliminary outlining for what will be my fourth book. It will be my first stab at writing comedy. The book will document and chronical the 8 months that my wife was deployed to Djibouti, Africa and left me home with 2 children, both under the age of three-years old. The book will be formatted mainly with a series of emails that were sent by me to my wife summing up each day's events from finding a poop-smeared hand print in my daughter's room, to my son taking his first steps. I had to learn fast how to be a "dad" during those 8 months with a toddler and an infant by myself. My motto was: "If both kids were still alive, and the house hadn't burned down when she returned, it was a success!" The book will cover those 8 months and all the ups and downs (and craziness) of me learning on the fly how to be a parent. I currently have a fourth quarter release schedule planned. The book is currently untitled.

New album - The first band I was ever in that released an album was a band called Yellow #1. We released our debut (and only) album, "Bottle of Rain," in 1997. We were together for 3 years and during that time toured through MA, RI, & NH, and opened for some national bands, the most notable being Godsmack. We had one song get on rotation on WAAF - the Boston metal radio station. In 1998, I disbanded the group and went on to other musical endeavors. In 2001, Yellow #1 was asked to be on a Faith No More tribute album. We got back together just to record the cover, "As The Worm Turns," for the "Tribute of the Year" album. Then, in 2003, we got back together for a weekend and wrote and recorded just 1 more song, "Peaceful Night." At the end of the weekend, we realized it wasn't going to work out, and broke up again. Well, now 13 years after the last time we recorded a song, and 19 years after the release of our only album, Yellow #1 is back together and I am hoping to have the second Yellow #1 album, currently titled "Thanks for the Nostalgia," released toward the end of the year. The music has all been written and recorded. The album is currently 13 songs. All I have left to do is write the lyrics for 10 of the songs (it looks like 3 of the songs will be instrumental) and then record the vocals. It is the most "poppiest" album I have ever written. With "Bottle of Rain," Yellow #1 had been described as Nine Inch Nails meets Mr. Bungle. I feel that the songs that have been written for this new album are a lot more mainstream and focused. But then again, we'll see how much that changes when I start writing the lyrics and recording the vocals.

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