Amongst all the craziness of my 3 books, a new story has emerged

I have been consumed with writing my new novel since April, 2012. I have been bogged down with revising and re-editing my first 2 novel since February, 2013. How do I repay myself with coming to the end of that madness? ("Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts" is out now in all 3 formats / "Welcome To Parkiew" will be re-released in March in all 3 formats / and "Yours Truly, 2095" has a release schedule of June for all 3 formats). I celebrate all the madness of the last 3 years by... writing a new short story.

I will be part of a short story book compilation of authors from all over the world that's coming out later this year. It's been so long that I've had to clear my head of anything other than my 3 novels, that it really feels like there is some rust up in my brain that needs to be shaken off.

I've already completed the initial outline of my short story that I am submitting for the book, now it just needs to be written. A part of me feels that I am cheating on my new book by working on something different, when my new book isn't even released yet. But I make myself feel better by telling myself that the new book is in the copy-editing stage and there is really nothing I can do with it until I get it back from the editor.

So, I am filling in the empty spaces of time by kickstarting the new short story that will be published later this year. Here's to hoping that there is some juice left in the creative gas tank in my head!

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