New short story for Scout Media anthology is underway.

I have a new short story (this will be my 3rd published short story) coming out later this spring in an anthology titled, "A Haunting of Words." The anthology will include authors from all over the world, and each story will be themed with a haunting. That doesn't mean every story will be horror (think, "A Christmas Carol," "Ghost," "The Ghost & Mrs. Muir," "High Spirits," "Solaris".... those weren't horror, but they all involved a haunting) although I am sure some of the stories WILL be in the horror genre.

I started outlining my submission, currently untitled, this week. It's an adaptation of Porcupine Tree's concept album, "Fear of a Blank Planet," and will follow 2 teenagers and their obsession with prescription anti-depressants... and the ghost that haunts them. And I'm leaning more toward a dramatic approach than a horror approach to my story.

All the authors in the anthology will be announced in March, and I'm sure I will be proud to be published alongside the other talent that will be contained in the other stories.

....more to come.

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